Folding Desk & Card Table

Folding Desk & Card Table


A walnut Folding Desk & Card Table.

A number of folding X Frame Desks were made in the early 1900s to similar designs with a fitted leather interior. This example stands out as it has an additional use as card table with a baised top. When the brass swing hooks, that hold the folded position, are released the top opens to the horizontal position as a card table. A swing catch to the underside locks the two halves of the table in open position.

Sprung brass buttons to the sides release the boards that make the card table. To the one side is a grained leather lined compartment for papers etc. and to the other is a fitted desk. The desk area is also lined in leather and has round gilt brass paper clips to the top on either side of a leather wallet with divider to take stationery. There is also a removable plastic ivorine board for writing notes to the back. To the front there is a wallet with dividers to take stamps. The bottom half of the desk has a central blotting paper to write on with a gilt brass inkwell encased in leather to the right. To the left is a leather box for paperclips and to the front on both sides, loops to hold pens etc.

This desk is well made, with reinforcing to the potentially weak spots at the curve of the legs. The brass buttons to the sides are a nice touch and within the storage compartment there are two further sprung buttons that push against the underside of the board so that it self opens when the side buttons are pressed. The board has a slight warp so needs an extra push to one side to lock it properly.

This form of desk is very practical as a space saver for those that only need it for occasional use but the second use as a card table makes it even more practical. Circa 1910.

Size as a Card Table is given.


Height 76 cm / 30"
Width 60 cm / 23 34"
Depth 59.5 cm / 23 "

Circa 1910


Walnut with grained leather




Folding Desk


Slight warp to one board.