Cased Flask & Beakers by Dixon

Cased Flask & Beakers by Dixon


A set of 4 large, gilt lined and plated Beakers with a conical glass Flask in a domed leather case by James Dixon and Son.

The beakers and the top of the flask are engraved with the entwined monogram of the letters CWA. The flask has a faceted shoulder and is cut with a star to the base. The bayonet fitting cap is a little more elaborately shaped than most Dixon flasks and the neck is stamped with the trumpet in banner logo to one side and the JD&S mark to the other.

The beakers are all marked with Dixon's pseudo hallmark along with the model number L396 with a number from 27 to 30 to denote its size. They are also stamped Made in England with an additional reference number of 31. The largest beaker does not have the 31 but instead is stamped 3/4 Pint. The case is well made with a padded carrying handle to the top. Early 20th Century.

Case size is given.


Height 17.5 cm / 7"
Width 10.5 cm / 4 "
Depth 11 cm / 4 "

Early 20th Century


Silver Plate




James Dixon

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