Mess Table by John Pound & Co.

Mess Table by John Pound & Co.

Maker / Retailer


A Mess or Work Table consisting of a pair of iron trestles with their original boarded pine top.

Such tables were used by both the army, factories and workshops etc. because they were easy to move and set up whilst still strong and hard wearing. There are examples in Australia, that were probably made by convicts, that have broad arrow marks. The bases are made of wrought iron with the 'teeth' to each end, fitting into notches to the wooden top to hold it in place. The top is made from four pine boards fixed together with iron banding to the edge of each corner and a long bolt running through the width at each end. It was probably painted originally.

Most such iron trestles have become separated from their tops over time. This table stands out not only because it retains its top but because it is also stamped John Pound & Co.

John Pound were good London luggage makers who also sold campaign furniture. He also became Mayor of London. Whether this table was used in Pound's workshops or he sold it is not known. If used by the army, it would have been a table for the rank and file to either eat or work at. Its unusual to find such trestle tables with a maker's mark and intriguing that it is stamped by a known maker of campaign furniture. Late 19th Century.


Height 76.8 cm / 30 "
Width 167.57 cm / 66 "
Depth 77.44 cm / 30 "