Folding Card Table

Folding Card Table



A Patent oak folding Card Table.

The square top of the table is made in two halves with a rectangular frame fixed to one side and two bars fixed parallel to its outside edge on the length. There is a 3 1/4 inch space between the frame and two bars within which the tops of the four legs sit. They are fixed to the frame and bars by a hidden rod which allows them to fold. The legs also have an arched strut with two fixed to the frame and the others one to each bar. When the table is opened these arches become an angled strut that hold the legs in place to strengthen the table. The table is fixed in the open position by a sliding wooden block, with a cut out handle, that pushes over a dip in the frame to prevent it moving.

This is an interesting design which we haven't seen before. Not only does it allow the legs to fold but the frame and struts give the table a greater stability. It is stamped 'Patent above the wooden block but there is no further information such as a number or maker. It is possible that the patent was pending or the maker simply stamped the table for protection without the expense of actually applying for a patent.

The square section leg tapers a little above the spade foot. The top is covered in baize and edged in a simple applied thumb moulding. The height is a little lower than most card tables making it more suitable for use with an easy chair. Circa 1900.


Height 71 cm / 28 "
Width 71.5 cm / 28 14"
Depth 71.5 cm / 28 14"

Circa 1900








Folding Card Table