Joshua Choat

Joshua Choat was born in Ipswich in 1795 and was in business in Sussex with Ebenezer Sharp until 1817, when the company was dissolved. He moved to London and married Mary Ann Turner in 1819. He went into business with Joseph Turner junior in High Holborn and it's likely that he was Mary Ann's father. In 1822, their business was listed at 60 High Holborn with Joshua also listed separately as a trunk maker at 49 & 237 High Holborn. In the same year the company of Choat & Turner was dissolved, possibly on Joseph's retirement. In 1823 Joshua Choat is only listed at 49 High Holborn. In 1829 or 30, Choat moved premises to 61 Lambs Conduit. It wasn't as busy a thoroughfare as High Holborn but perhaps costs needed to be cut. In 1831 Choat was declared bankrupt and it may have been this which led him into partnership, forming the company of Dixon and Choat, as noted on the label. Eight years later the company is only listed as Choat Joshua, trunk maker, 61 Lambs Conduit st. Joshua died in 1846 but the business continued under the name of Mrs Mary Ann Choat, still at 61 Lambs Conduit Street. By 1852 she had moved to 93 Upper Street, Islington and by 1865 she is listed at 119 Upper Street. She died in 1883 at the grand age of 91.