F. Waller

Frederick Waller joined George Rowe in business in 1807 as Rowe & Waller, Publishers and Printers at 49 Fleet Street. Previously Rowe had been in business under his own name from 1792. The partnership did well for 20 years but was dissolved on the 31st of December 1827, perhaps due to Rowe's retirement. The business of F. Waller continued at 49 Fleet Street until 1857 but at some point, Frederick's two sons Edmund (b. 1817) and Frederick junior (b. 1822) took over, keeping the same company name. The brothers announced their business was dissolved in 1857 although it had actually happened two years earlier. Edmund continued the business and was joined by F. Arnold who was perhaps a relative. The company was renamed Waller and Arnold and stayed at 49 Fleet Street. It may have been the plan that Edmund would continue until Arnold was settled as Waller and Arnold were dissolved in 1860, three years after they started. By 1861 F. Arnold had moved the business to 86 Fleet Street and was trading under his own name. In 1885, Edmund became Master of the Stationers' Company and presented them with three stained glass windows. F. Waller started as publishers and printers but moved into manufacturing and selling stationery products.