Albert Barker Ltd

1890 - 1940

Albert Barker Ld. had a shop at 5 New Bond Street. W. London.

Barker probably started off working for Wiliiam Thornhilland was a partner in Thornhills from 1875 to 1885. It was probably at this point that he started his own company.

Barker are first listed in the London directories in 1890 and are mostly described as a Silversmith. However, they are also known to have made, or at least retailed, a variety of other goods from jewellery and cutlery to dressing and writing cases. Barker's name has been found on that iconic piece of campaign furniture, the Briefcase Games Table but it has also been seen on folding card tables and X frame desks with leather interiors. They held Royal Warrants and seemed to be aiming for the luxury goods market which fitted in with their location and Albert's past history with Thornhill. The company is no longer listed in the directories by 1940