Small Candlestick with vesta

Small Candlestick with vesta



A small nickel plate on brass Portable Candlestick with Vesta Case.

The size is such that it will easily slip into a pocket and would have been useful domestically as a 'Go To Bed' Candlestick as well as to a traveller. It will stand but was more likely made to be carried.

It is made of two tubes with the longer holding the candle which sits on an internal spring to push it up as it burns. The candle is held in place by a collar with a bayonet fitting for removal. A separate cap also acts as a snuffer and is chained to the vesta case cap to help prevent loss. The matches, or vestas as they were known, are housed in the short tube. On one side, between the two tubes, is a striking pad to light the matches.

The maker or retailer's name 'Beaufils' is stamped to the underside of the vesta tube. This is probably Nicolas Louis Beaufils of Paris. A Carriage or Doctor's lamp is known with his name stamped to it. He also patented a safety lamp in 1869 with Jacques Rexroth.

A similar travel candlestick made of nickel plated brass and stamped 'Perry' was probably retailed by Perry & Co. of 72, New Bond Street, London. They also sold Wragg's Patent Travel Cutlery. Mid to late 19th Century.


Height 11 cm / 4 "
Width 3 cm / 1 "
Depth 1.5 cm / "

Mid to late 19th Century.


Nickel Plate on Brass






Travel Lighting


Good. Small nick to edge of Vesta Case cap.