Edward Withers Music Stand

Edward Withers Music Stand


A mahogany portable Music Stand or Lectern stamped Edward Withers 22 & 22A Wardour Street.

The stand is a well-known design, likely made by a number of different workshops. This is only the second we have seen stamped with the other bearing the name of the retailer Keith, Prowse & Co. 48 Cheapside, London. Although Edward Withers were long established Violin makers, tracing their roots back to Norris and Barnes in 1765, it is probable that they bought the stand in to retail it.

It is made from a number of bars riveted to each other and to a central wider two-part bar that forms a case to hold them when packed. The two parts of the central bar are united by a wide middle section which has a push out foot and replaced support to form an adjustable stand. The middle section also has a set of three bars riveted to each other to each side. They fold out to form the frame to support the sheet music with the middle bar to each fitting to the central bar to hold their position. The top bar on each side can be moved to increase the stand's height to support taller sheet music.

The design is clever and so was popular and made over a number of years. It packs down very easily and so is perfect for a travelling musician. It is believed that Withers moved to Wardour Street from Coventry Street around 1860. Circa 1865.

Closed size is given.


Height 3.5 cm / 1 "
Width 22.2 cm / 8 "
Depth 4.45 cm / 2"

Circa 1865


Mahogany & rosewood




Edward Withers 22 & 22A Wardour Street


Portable Music Stand


Good. Support for adjusting angle is replaced.