William Paulgrave

1898 - 1933

The Paulgrave Patent Combination Luncheon & Card Table folds down to a relatively small size quite quickly. The turned legs are joined as pairs by a bar to their top meaning they will fold easier but also be stronger when set up. Each leg has a hinged brass locking bar to stop them collapsing when set up. The top has 2 leaves which fold to meet on top of the middle section and will double the length of the top when opened. To the middle of the top is a sunken well with lid that was made to take cards and dice etc. for gaming. Under the lid of this section is simply the patent number 27069 with no note of a maker, which is unusual.

The patent was taken out by William Paulgrave Ellmore in 1898 and was described as a 'Combination folding luncheon and card table designed to be carried in a luncheon basket'. Little is known of Ellmore except that he also applied for an 1888 patent for 'Improvements in locks and fastenings for hampers and the like'. It is also probable that he started in partnership with William Tayton Ellmore (likely to be his father) as W.T. Ellmore and Son as Basket Manufacturers, Hosiers, Drapers and Furriers on the High Street, Leicester. They parted company in 1876. William Paulgrave Ellmore died in Leicester in 1933.