T.P. Luscombe & Co.

Thomas Popham Luscombe was born in 1843 and his business had extensive premises at 5 Goodshed Road, West of Kushroo-bagh, Allahabad in West Bengal. The company provided a variety of services and manufactured a wide range of goods. They described themselves as Mechanical Engineers, Coach Builders, Cabinet Makers and Sanitary Engineers. They made fishing tackle, camp equipage, furniture of all kinds and sanitary appliances as well as being taxidermists. They also dealt in ammunition, hardware, timber and iron work, sporting gear and other miscellaneous goods.

Fishing tackle seemed to be a large part of Luscombe's business and A.H. Pertwee, in his 1907 book Ceylon Marine and Estuary Fishing: Notes on a Neglected Pastime describes his visit to his shop. He pointed out that Mr. Luscombe was not only a true artist with rod and line, but a practical fishing tackle-manufacturer to boot.

Luscombe's furniture also enjoyed praise. M. Aurel Stein, an archaeological explorer wrote Sand Buried Ruins of Khotan in 1903 and mentions the company: When I returned to my camp much pleased with the stroll I found the Amban already waitng to return my call. He had whiled away the time by a careful inspection of my camp furniture, which evidently met with his approval, as he sent next day a carpenter to take measurements of the neat folding table Messrs. Luscombe & Co, of Allahabad, had made for me. Thomas Luscombe died at the age of 76 in 1919 but we have no record if the company continued.

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