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Rippingilles Portable No 630 Stove

Rippingilles Portable No 630 Stove

A tinplate with brass fittings Rippingilles Portable Stove No. 630. The company advertised their stoves as Portable, Safe and Cleanly as well as being Odourless and Smokeless. This stove has a pair of removable paraffin burners to the base which heat hollow walls to the oven, with the walls in turn each opening below a hob for a pan. The oven has an adjustable shelf and a glass window to the door. Brass vents to the door can be opened on a twist catch. Alexander Rippingille started a lamp manufactory at 41 Aston Road, Birmingham around 1876. By 1888 the name had changed to the Albion Lamp Company. To add confusion, it appears a Frank Rippingille opened a business under his name also producing portable Stoves and was active from the early 1900s. Both companies took out patents on their designs. This Stove would have been useful to a number of people from barge owners to those travelling further afield, the relatively small size and box shape making it easy to transport. Circa 1900.

Height: 15 ins (38.10 cm)
Width: 18 ins (45.72 cm)
Depth: 12 ins (30.48 cm)
Ref. 81638 SOLD
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