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Waterloo Photographic Panorama


Category: Artwork

This red cloth booklet is series of 12 black and white photographs on card linked to fold as an 80 inch long panorama of the Waterloo battlefield.

Aside from giving titles to the views such as Mount St. Jean, La Haie Sainte, La Belle Alliance and Hougomont etc. there is no other text to give any clues to the publisher. Even in the 19th century visitors were drawn to the site and over the years a number of fold out panoramas of this famous battlefield have been produced both as souvenirs and aids to those interested in the landscape of Waterloo.

This one is earlier than most and probably dates to the third quarter of the 19th Century.
Closed size is given.

  • Dimensions:
    H 13.5cm x W 16cm x D 2cm
    H 5.15" x W 6¼" x D .65"

  • Period: Late 19th Century
  • Medium: Black & White linked Photographs
  • Style: Panorama
  • Exhibition: The Baggage Elephant
  • Reference Number: 81496