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Watercolour of a Troop March

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Subcategory: Artwork

This naive watercolour shows a line of troops marching with the head tailing off many miles in the distance.

The main focus of the picture is the camp followers to the rear with three women struggling up the hill with children and baggage. One smokes a pipe as she carries a child and a large shoulder bag on her back and another rides a donkey helped by an officer. This watercolour sketch shows the social side of an army's movement in the 19th century and how it was not uncommon for camp followers and families to travel with the soldiers. It is probably an amateur work and possibly done by a soldier. The scenery would suggest Spain or Portugal and the Peninsular wars. The watercolour is in a maple frame. Early to mid 19th century.

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  • Dimensions:
    H 25.5cm x W 19.5cm
    H 10" x W 7½"

  • Period: Early to Mid 19th Century
  • Medium: Watercolour on paper
  • Country: England
  • Exhibition: The Portable Empire
  • Reference Number: 5887