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Small Portable Bookshelves

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The simple but effective design of this type of campaign shelf insured that they were made during most of the 19th century and into the 20th century.

The 3 shelves are supported and divided by brass standards that have a steel rod running through them. The rods are held in place by decorative brass nuts to the top and set in nuts to the bottom, thus giving the shelves their rigidity, when assembled. To break them down for travel the top nuts are unscrewed and the first shelf and standards lifted off and so on, until you are left with the bottom shelf from which the steel rod is unscrewed. The shelves could either be set on a surface, such as a campaign chest or hung. This set are shorter and earlier than most and the mahogany shelves are painted to resemble rosewood which of course was a very fashionable timber in Regency times. The Army and Navy Store called them Portable Bookshelves and offered them in 2 different sizes as well as in mahogany, oak, teak or walnut. Early 19th century.

Dimensions assembled are given.

  • Dimensions:
    H 53.5cm x W 61cm x D 19.5cm
    H 21" x W 24" x D 7½"

  • Period: Early 19th Century
  • Medium: Mahogany & Brass
  • Country: England
  • Exhibition: At Ease Gentlemen
  • Reference Number: 5732