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Large Folding Foot Stool


Category: Campaign Furniture

Subcategory: Other Furniture

A mahogany folding foot stool.

The hinged legs of this stool are kept in the vertical position by lifting a hinged bar which sits in a cut-out to the underside of the top. With the bar lifted, the legs are prevented from folding flat against the underside of the top. The legs are cut out of the solid as pairs with fretwork decoration to the middle. This was a common design for a folding foot stool at the turn of 1900 but this one stands out for its larger size. Circa 1900.

Size for use is given.

  • Dimensions:
    H 13cm x W 31.5cm x D 20.5cm
    H 5" x W 12¼" x D 8"

  • Exhibition: #7 - It's The Magic Number
  • Reference Number: 82363