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Iron Folding Camp Bed


Category: Campaign Furniture

Subcategory: Other Furniture

A wrought iron Campaign Bed with 3 pairs of X frame legs.

To fold the bed, you lift and push the side bars towards each other. This folds the legs together and the 2 end pairs can be lifted up to rest against the folded side rails which will then drop parallel to the middle legs. The design of the bed is simple with no fuss but it does fold up to a very compact size.

The bed has a replaced hessian cover which originally would have supported a roll up mattress. Aside from being used as a bed, a top could easily be fitted over the bed frame to make a long coffee table to give it an added use. Early to mid 19th Century.

  • Dimensions:
    H 42cm x W 157.5cm x D 70cm
    H 16½" x W 62" x D 27½"

  • Year: Early to mid 19th Century.
  • Medium: Iron
  • Country: England
  • Exhibition: The Sundowners
  • Condition: Good. Hessian replaced.
  • Reference Number: 81465