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Folding Hooks by Kenrick

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A string of folding Iron Hooks by Kenrick with original gilt finish.

The five double hooks in this set are linked by riveted straps which allow them to fold for travel or to be hung in various different positions. The two end and the middle hook all have a cast iron hanging ring.

The manufacture was Archibald Kenrick, who established his iron foundry business in 1791 in West Bromwich and still enjoys a good reputation for the quality of his work. The back of each hook is stamped AK & Sons along with Rd 24785 and No. 1. The registration number for the design dates to 1885 with No. 1 referring to the model number. We have had hooks to a similar design with wooden pegs and not as decorative that were marked No. 2.

The hooks and straps are ornate in their casting with the gilt adding the finishing touch. Late 19th Century.

The maximum length for use is given.

  • Dimensions:
    H 13cm x W 61cm x D 10.5cm
    H 5" x W 24" x D 4"

  • Period: Late 19th Century
  • Medium: Cast Iron
  • Country: England
  • Signed: A. Kenrick & Sons. Rd. 24785
  • Style: Folding Hanging Hooks
  • Condition: Good
  • Reference Number: 82278