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Carved Winchester Rifle


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Subcategory: Miscellaneous

This life size Winchester rifle is carved out of walnut.

It is well made, although the carving a little crude and chunky in places, suggesting it was the work of an amateur hand. Possibly it was made by a father for his son as a toy. The hinged top section, with what appears to be five drilled holes to take bullets, is further evidence of this with the maker moving a little towards invention. The rifle has a wonderful tactile quality to it and the temptation to handle it is strong. The naïve quality to this Winchester makes it a hard item to date but we would consider it to be circa 1900.

  • Dimensions:
    H 13cm x W 107cm x D 3.5cm
    H 5" x W 42" x D 1¼"

  • Year: Circa 1900
  • Medium: Walnut
  • Reference Number: 7880