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A Doriya or Dog Handler Painting

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Subcategory: Artwork

An East India Company School watercolour on paper of a Doriya with his hounds.

John Borthwick Gilchrist in his 1825 East India Vade-Mecum describes the Doriya, his lowly considered position, duties and the articles provided for him and his dogs. They match this picture well, with the short whip of raw hide fastened to a piece of bamboo held in the right hand. The dogs each have a collar with a strong metal ring to which a piece of stout cord is fastened with the other end held by the left hand. Although dog handlers are illustrated in some of the plates of Williamson's Oriental Field Sports, they are an uncommon subject for Company School Paintings. This picture looks to be on a page pulled out of a sketchbook.

The picture is framed and there is illegible writing to the reverse by a European hand. It is from North India, probably Patna or Delhi. It is well painted and the dogs' faces have a charm. Circa 1835.

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  • Dimensions:
    H 22cm x W 18cm
    H 8½" x W 7"

  • Year: Circa 1835
  • Medium: Watercolour on Paper
  • Country: Anglo Indian
  • Style: Company School
  • Exhibition: Carpe Diem
  • Condition: Unframed
  • Reference Number: 81994